This is our motto. Event Core is a community of fellow industry leaders taking the event industry to a new level. There is nothing better than sharing a workspace with those who are working towards a common goal. Event Core truly believes that “two heads are better than one”.

The benefits of the Event Core partnership are numerous and we probably can’t even list them all! Clients can book all their event needs in one place with complete confidence in our vendors. While Small business owners can take their business to new heights with a small price tag. Here are just a few of the ways this community will lead to success:


Convenience – This is an obvious one. The event planning industry can be a tedious task. Event planning often requires multiple vendors with different skills and abilities. There is décor to lighting, sweets to DJ’s, photography and more! This can leave you running around the city trying to find the right vendor for each! We want to save you the time and research it requires to find the right vendor.

It is also very convenient for the vendors themselves. They are able to schedule meetings, talk to brides and event coordinators all from one spot!


Brain Power – As an entrepreneur, it can be hard to have your creative juices flowing at all times. This is why a community of like-minded individuals can be so beneficial! Now, you can get all the ideas and creativity of multiple people all under one roof! This can often save you money as our vendors all enjoy the creative process that can leave them striving to build their craft to new heights.

This also benefits any future brides and event planners! Our focus will be creating the next best event, so you can rest assured that we will make your special day one you will remember!


Experience – We have created a partnership of vendors who know what they are doing! We also enjoy working together. Rest assured that when you book with event core, all of the people you require to put your event together have the experience in working as a team. We know what to expect from each other and feel confident in the standard we hold all our vendors to.


Productivity – Sometimes taking a small business outside of the home can increase productivity almost immediately. Surrounding yourself with success often has a way of rubbing off on you too! Working together can get you to your goals faster than trying to reach them alone!


Network – When you work in a community such as Event Core, you are opening yourself up to a larger network of individuals in the Calgary area. Instead of just booking the clients who are specifically looking for you, you can also book other clients who are passing though looking for event services.

It also gives brides and event planners the chance to have contact with a few more vendors than they usually would. It gives them choices and an ability to shop other services without the extra time spent.


There are so many other positive aspects of being part of a community such as Event Core. Our aim is to have Event Core be the first stop when a client is planning ANY event! Let’s come together and see what the power of partnerships can truly accomplish!


Make sure you come down to see our space! If you have any questions, send us an email or simply come on down for a coffee!

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