We’ve all watched the scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts desperately seeks help in navigating her silverware! Having experienced that overwhelming feeling ourselves, we thought it appropriate to kick off our new blog with some helpful hints on the topic for your next Wedding or Event!

First, “BMW” is a great acronym to remember when you’re setting up for a formal dinner. From left to right; Bread, Meal, Water. As long as you remember this acronym, you’ll always remember where to place the bread plate, the dinner plate and the glassware.

Another great trick is to touch the tip of your pointer finger to the tip of your thumb on both of your hands. When you straighten out the remaining 3 fingers on each hand you’ll notice that the left hand resembles the letter “b” and the right hand resembles the letter “d”. Hold your hands straight up and you’ll be reminded that bread is placed on the left and “drinks” are placed on the right.

It’s important to note that there are several variations to the above table setting and that the flatware available might vary depending on the courses that are being served. However, this is a very popular setting and one that works for almost any formal occasion.

Happy Entertaining, cheers!

Formal Dinner Setting
Ex. Formal Dinner Party or Fine Dining Restaurant

A. Service or Dinner Plate
B. Napkin
C. Bread Plate
D. Water Glass
E. Wine Glass
F. Salad Fork
G. Fish Fork
H. Dinner Fork
I. Dinner Knife
J. Fish Knife
K. Salad Knife
L. Soup Spoon
M. Dessert Fork & Spoon

Begin eating with flatware that is furthest from the plate & work your way in as each course arrives!

We hope this helps make your dining experience a little less overwhelming! We know it’s sure helped us solve the mystery of table etiquette!

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