Milky Way Films | Video Production

Who are they?

Milky Way Films is a group of people who are passioned about video production. Altogether we are 10+ years in business. We worked with clients from 10+ countries, using Hi-End professional equipment for uncompromized quality results.
All events and especially weddings have their own specifics and every moment is unique so we do our best to capture all the precious moments from appropriate angle which came with experience. We are not only film your event but make you and all involved feel comfortable in front of the camera.
Emotions… this is what drives your perfect day and inspire us in our works. For us the best judges of our work are our clients who love what we do and how we do.

a bit more info:

… packages – usually our clients build it by themselves! The only one minimum requirement is 5 paid hours per day.

… all types of Edits have their separate prices for the 3-5 min of a Highlight video and ~30min documentary (main speeches and vows included), and the bundle of these 2 with a significant discount.


… local travels are indicated in the Quote but we can easily accommodate your destination wedding as well.

… we do not charge for the raw footage – a hard drive big enough to keep it all has to be provided.

… we are open to work on the PAY AS YOU GO basis, which fits your budget properly for the Video recording of the Wedding Day for now and all Edits to be paid later when you and your budget are ready for this.

How do I book Milky Way Films?

The easiest way to book Milky Way Films is to send an email to with the following details of your event:


  • Event Date and Time
  • Event Location
  • Event Type
  • Scope of work (Filming only, Filming and Editing, if Edits are required, what type, final length and numbers of the finished videos)
  • Estimated Budget (if you have one)















Interested In Booking Milky Way Films?

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