Event Core, your one-stop-shop for all your wedding and corporate event needs! We are ready to make event planning easier, while creating great partnerships throughout the event industry.

The idea of Event Core came from a thorough knowledge of the event planning industry. We knew that planning an event takes a team and we wanted to create that team. We wanted to encourage small business owners to come together and participate in a new creative business community that utilizes all of our businesses together and provides an easy one-stop-shop for our clients.


Voilà – Event Core was created!

For vendors in the wedding industry, being a part of Event Core has a wide range of benefits. From lucrative partnerships, creative meeting space, marketing perks, display space, studio access and more! Not to mention, being around people in your industry who can help you brainstorm and execute ideas while making each and every event even better than the last.



Instead of working against each other, why not come together and make it easy and efficient for our clients to access everything they need for their event in one place! Working together on events allows vendors to do things that weren’t always possible alone. This can often benefit the brides and event planners at no extra cost.

Some vendors also are just too small to have their own space. Or, they just don’t need a space all to themselves. Our meeting rooms and display space are just enough for some small businesses. They also cut out the “Coffee shop” chitchat so that planners can have a quiet, professional meeting with a potential client without the heavy price tag.


For brides who are planning a wedding, let’s make it easy! Going to several places for multiple vendors can become time consuming and frustrating. With Event Core, you can simply walk into our doors and find what you are looking for all in one place. It can turn a week of appointments into a short afternoon.

It can also be overwhelming booking the right people to plan your next event. There are so many options in the event industry that it can get overwhelming booking the right person. Event Core also focuses on Bringing together qualified professionals with good reputations. This can help brides and event planners narrow through a ton of industry vendors, who may not be qualified or have the expertise. You only have one shot at the big event; you don’t want to learn that a hired vendor isn’t qualified before it’s too late.


Overall, we take the guesswork out of planning events. We make it simple and overall – better. We are excited to create what the event industry needs and future events require!

Come check out Event Core today! Or send us an email for more information, pricing and membership options!



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