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Planning a wedding is an overwhelming experience. Those who have done it know that you can’t do it alone. At some point, you’ll need some help. Over here at Flash Co. Photo Booth rental, we’re all about making wedding planning more about fun and less about work. Today we’re featuring Elle, owner and operator of Opulence Event Co.. She’s the wedding planner Calgary brides need. Like, yesterday.

When you hire the right person, your wedding planner ends up becoming an invaluable asset. A wedding and event planner shares your vision and helps you execute it flawlessly. A good Calgary wedding planner knows what works and what doesn’t. They bring you through the learning curve much faster. This week we had a chance to sit down with Elle and chat about why hiring a wedding planner is one of the best decisions you’ll make before you tie the knot.

A wedding planner is an educated trusted advisor. Even your maid of honour can’t promise you that.

When you hire a Calgary wedding planner like Elle, you are getting much more than just a person to bounce ideas off of. You are also receiving insight and expertise on countless wedding planning details that seem overwhelming to navigate. A wedding planning company like Elle’s is well networked in the industry. She can hook you up with the right vendors so you don’t have to spend time researching them yourself. She can also advise you on cost saving tips and tricks that might not seem so obvious. Like, which décor items make sense to rent and what you can feasibly DIY or purchase yourself. You’d be surprised!

Your wedding planner will save you time. Time you can’t ever get back

The average wedding takes over 250 hours to plan. Yes, you read that correctly. Who wants to spend their free time locked up inside researching and planning the boring stuff? Wouldn’t you rather be spending that time with your soon to be spouse? By all means spend time tasting the food and wine options at your venue and the all the cake flavours you can get your hands on. But, save the other stuff for a professional. A wedding planner can help cut down on that time in a major way.

A wedding planning company like Opulence Event Co. can set you up with planning checklists, guest list management tools and seating chart help. Those tools alone will save you time, frustration and help you plan more effectively. A wedding planner can also help you manage your vendors and keep you on budget. This saves you even more time and quite frankly, money.

When you hire a wedding planner, your wedding day suddenly becomes a celebration you can actually attend. 

Many wedding planning companies like Opulence Event Co. offer wedding co-ordination. What does that mean? Aside from helping you plan your wedding, they also pull it off for you. They do it flawlessly, I might add.

Don’t want to get 20 phone calls from vendors the morning of your wedding asking questions? Your co-ordinator takes care of that. Don’t want to worry about keeping your reception program on schedule? That’s your wedding co-ordinator’s job. Kind of concerned Uncle Doug is going to have one too many glasses of scotch? Yep. That’s the wedding co-ordinator’s job too. They are there to be an extra set of eyes and ears to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch and you can just enjoy yourself.

Who wants to be a bride AND on clean-up duty on their wedding day? Nobody. That’s who.

The last thing you should be thinking about on your wedding day is set up and take down of your décor and ceremony/reception items. Many wedding planners offer set-up and take down service so you and your family members don’t have to worry about it. If your ceremony is happening in a different location than your reception, they’ll make sure the ceremony space is taken care of so you can enjoy that time with friends and family. If the ceremony and reception are happening in the same space, they’ll take care of flipping the room from ceremony to dinner seating for your guests. A wedding planner who provides set-up and take down service will also stick around after last call. They’ll account for any rental items that need to be returned, manage your gift table throughout the night so those items are stored safely and leave the space spotless do you don’t lose any sort of deposit with your venue.

A one-stop shop for all your wedding planning needs? Absolutely.

How many hours have you spent researching your wedding online already? 5? 10? More? What if we told you that planning your wedding could be simpler?   We’ve already discussed how working with the right Calgary wedding planning company can save you time, frustration and even money. Here’s the kicker. When working with Elle from Opulence Event Co. you also have access to a community of some of Calgary’s best wedding vendors, all under one roof. Opulence Event Co. is part of Event Core, a one stop shopping experience for everything related to weddings and events. Elle and her team can hook you up with DJ’s, a wedding video team, a cake designer, florists and stationers. You name it, you can find the options at Event Core, all under one roof. What’s even better? Elle has the latest intel on what specials each vendor is currently promoting and can hook you up with some amazing deals. Another reason to check out Opulence Event Co as your Calgary wedding planner.

A little more about Opulence Event Co.:

Many brides feel overwhelmed when they begin planning their wedding. Inspiration boards, finding vendors, creating timelines and seating charts; the list of details is endless. Opulence Event Co. has an experienced team that can alleviate your stress. From helping you create a personalized budget to providing referrals to qualified vendors – they are your trusted advisor throughout the wedding planning process. You’ll feel confident in knowing that your dream wedding will be a successful one because no portion of your day will be left unplanned. To learn more about Calgary wedding planner Opulence Event Co. head on over to her websiteand facebook page.