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What is the difference between the different "tiers"?

We have three different levels of Membership. They are Premier Member, Studio Member and Community Member (listed from most benefits to least). They have different costs that associate with different benefits offered by being part of the Event Core Team. If you want to see a list of those benefits in more detail take a look here.

How often will my name get mentioned in Event Core?

Very Often. We are committed to be an active spokesperson for every member of Event Core. We speak about your company from keeping your materials at our space, displaying different aspects of your business, talking to our clients about your services, blogging about what you do and mentioning your name in our Social Media posts. If you want more information about what that entails dependant on which tier you are under, click here.

How much does it cost to be part of Event Core?

Again, it depends on what you need from us and what tier you want to register as. Our prices are very reasonable and we guarantee that you will receive your moneys worth from being a part of our team! For specific pricing click here.

Planning an Event

Are there extra Fees for using Event Core?

NO! That is the beauty of our business. We can help you find exactly what you are looking for without the extra cost! We are a community of some of the BEST. So, rest assured that whoever you book through us, will be top notch!

Can I book just one vendor?

You can book whatever you need for your event! One vendor to ten vendors – we are there to help and guide you in the right direction. We can be an excellent resource to compare, choose and discover what is possible for your next event.

How do I know who is a part of Event Core?

Simply click our “Current Members” tab at the top of the Menu (or Click Here). This is a full list of who is involved with Event Core! Or simply visit our location to see who is involved and chat about your event.

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