Event Core is designed for the event industry entrepreneurs who want the benefits of being part of a community! There are so many ways that being a member of this partnership can provide for a small business owner. Our three membership tiers provide a little something for everyone! But, which is the right fit for you?

Our memberships consist of Community Members, Studio Members and Premier Members listed from least to most benefits provided. You can choose what best works for your business, based on what you require from the Event Core Community!

Here are the three tiers explained a little more in detail:


Community Membership

Are you already an established member of the event industry, but want to be part of a community? This membership level is for you. This level has a very minimal monthly fee, which will include you in all of the Event Core marketing material.

You will be included in our website directory, monthly social posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), and all of our printed materials. Plus anyone who comes through the Event Core doors will have access to your information.

From Weddings to Christmas Parties, Galas, Charity Events and Corporate Events we can engage the high-end clients by making it easy for them to find you through a community membership. Why spend hundreds on hard to track marketing efforts, when Event Core is the perfect investment for you.


Studio Membership

A Studio Member is someone who wants more benefits than a Community Member, but doesn’t require as much as the Premier Member. This membership level is created for the event industry entrepreneur in search of a professional space to meet with clients to escape the “coffee shop” noise.

The studio member doesn’t require display space for their work, such as a premier member. This is more for the wedding planners, event planners, or those who just need a space to meet their clients and could benefit from the Event Core marketing efforts.

This will provide your clients the option to book meetings with the other vendors instead of having multiple meetings on various days and locations, they can accomplish everything in one place at one time!


Premier Membership

This membership level is designed for the event industry entrepreneur looking for a professional space to conduct their business. When you start out as a small business, sometimes having your own space is just not in the budget. So, you end up working from your couch and conducting meetings at your local coffee shop.
That’s where the Premier Membership can provide a small business owner with the right amount of benefits for an affordable price! With a display space in our front showroom, marketing material on site, access to meeting space for client meetings and much, much more!

By taking your business out of the home and networking with a variety of people in a productive workspace; you are guaranteed to increase your productivity and professionalism with current and new clients.


So, whether you’re a small business that is already established or an up and coming vendor in the event industry, Event Core has a space for you!

Here is a more detailed list of the specific benefits of all three memberships.

If you have any questions, or are interested in becoming a member of the Event Core Community: fill out our membership form here.