Planning an Event?


At Event Core our goal is to make your life easier! Whether you are planning a wedding or corporate party, our wide range of talented, innovative, creative vendors are sure to help make your event go off without a hitch!

You can use as many, or as few of our vendors as you would like! Best of all? There is no additional fee! That’s right, we are simply a resource of trusted, dedicated, and experienced event vendors here to help enforce confidence that your event will be flawless. We also all happen to be under the same roof – so instead of driving all over the city for multiple meetings – just come down to our showroom. You can book all your appointments back to back and get your event planned in no time!

Benefits of Planning with Event Core

  • All of our vendors are reputable industry members, with a passion for what they do – they are the best of the best in the industry!
  • All vendors are fully trained, insured, and have proper business licences – you’d be surprised how many outside of Event Core don’t.
  • Our vendors have all been in business for many years, and have the portfolio and the reputation to prove it! Come down to our showroom to see all of our vendor’s work with your own eyes!
  • Why have meetings all across the city, when you can meet with all of our vendors in one convenient location – our showroom! Now you don’t have to worry about meeting Vendors at Starbucks worrying about the lack of privacy or seating!
  • Now instead of wasting each Saturday meeting with vendors, you can book one solid Saturday or take a half day off work. We’re available by appointment on week days, evenings, and on weekends (yes, even Sunday!).
  • Book as many, or as little of our vendors as you wish. There is no pressure to book all your vendors through us at all. You can also reach out to us to ask about our full planning services – so you don’t need to deal with the vendors directly, we can do all the heavy lifting for you!
  • Our vendors work together regularly – this is a huge difference in the event world. It means we work together to make sure that event goes off without a hitch!
  • It also means that most of the time, you’ll get more than you paid for — because we want to help one another out as vendors, so we will go above and beyond for each other.
  • You’ll have the confidence in all of our vendors because of their reputation – we can also recommend which vendors will best fit with your style and budget!

Planning an Event?

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Are you looking for a Venue?

Take a look at our Venue Book, which includes details from all of our Event Core Venues.

Client Testimonials

“The fact that I didn’t have to drive around the entire city to plan my wedding was a game changer!”

“My corporation planned their entire event through Event Core – and we didn’t have to coordinate with multiple vendors. It saved us so much time and money!”

“Planning a wedding is daunting – having the vendors of Event Core made such a difference. We had confidence in each one from the get go.”

Do I have to use all Event Core vendors?

Nope! You can use one — ten — or all! It is totally up to you. You’re not obligated to use our vendors, we are happy to also work with vendors outside of Event Core. These are just the people we trust and work with on a weekly basis!

Do I have to book an appointment?

Booking an appointment is preferred, however, during business hours through the week we will have a dedicated staff member on site, so feel free to stop by! After hours and weekends, we will be appointment only. Give us a call (403) 835-5543 to book an appointment or contact the vendor(s) you are interested in directly, to book with them!

Is there any private meeting space?

Yes! We have public, semi-private and fully private meeting space! We know sometimes conversations can be sensitive, especially when talking about budget and other family details are involved!

Does Event Core charge me to use your vendors?

Absolutely not! We simply act as a directory and a guide for you to meet the vendors you want to connect with. We don’t have any extra charges – you will just be paying what the vendor would normally charge (and in some cases even get a discount). If you wanted Event Core to do all the planning for you – and deal with the vendors directly, so that you don’t have to – that is the only time there would be a planning fee, but you will be made very aware of this before we start the planning process.