Tell us a little bit about your business…

I am a professional Calgary wedding photographer whose style is Modern, Romantic and Authentic to each couple I work with. I specialize in private estate weddings.

What are you known for?

I am known for being chronically early LOL and for capturing the true essence of my clients. When you see my photos, you see the person I am photographing, there are no filters or photoshopped distractions, my couples personalities shine through every image.

What do you like the most about the event industry?

The fun! I love laughter and I love it when people are having a genuinely good time. When you let your guard down that is when true magic happens.

What have others said about your business?

That I am easy to work with, I take away any stress my couples might be feeling, I made them laugh. I love when I hear from clients that they aren’t picture people, but that the end product capture who they really are and they felt confident and comfortable with me.

What makes your business unique?

My style. I am not big on photoshopping and over editing my photos because I love the reality of the moment. I love the uniqueness of my couples, the love the shines through when they look at each other, the laughter that happens between them, you can’t photoshop love into a relationship.

Can you tell us a time when you knew you were in the right industry?

When I booked my first wedding. It was such an amazing feeling to have someone trust you with the biggest day of their lives. I take every wedding seriously and I never back down for a challenge.

What do you usually tell people before an event?

That they look stunning! There is something about Brides and Grooms on their wedding day…They have a natural, beautiful, glow about them that is just Stunning!

If you were stranded on an Island and could only bring one item, what would it be?

Well it wouldn’t be my camera LOL…I am a realist and survival is important, so I would want my bow with me.

Why did you join Event Core?

Community. Helping, teaching and inspiring is important to me. Both for me to help others and for others to help me. We can always get better and be stronger and I feel that Event Core was a great place to help foster the community.

In five words or less, sum up your company’s moto!

Comfortable, Confident, Authentically you!

To contact Emily Exon, email her at– or visit their website! You can also learn a bit more about them here.