Every year, there are a few colour combinations that become the trendiest of the season. Picking your Wedding colours can be a big decision, but we have you covered! Infact, some people suggest that once you have your wedding colours chosen, the rest of your planning comes a bit easier.

If you are getting married in the next year, we have some modern colour palettets for you to consider! We asked our team of experts (Event Core Wedding Planners) what the best colour combinations of 2016/2017 are!

Here are their suggestions:

Something Blue

Greys and blues have become very trendy in weddings. Grey is incredibly versatile, which makes it easy to pair other colors with. Gone are the days where black, white or ivory are your base color. Grey is the new black & white! In this palette, the cool shades are complimented by a warm rose accent. We can envision garden roses, silver brunia & astilbe, grey chargers and blue napkins. A ribbon photo wall would love stunning in these colors!

Parisian Love

Is it just us or is Paris back “in” these days? There’s something about a romantic Parisian getaway that gets us every time. A splash of gold accentuates this passionate color palette. We’re envisioning an ombre rose macaron tower, gold candlesticks & votive holders, flickering candles and low light. Rose napkins sit atop gold chargers. Cream garden roses are accented by rose colored peonies and bouquets are wrapped in dark grey ribbon.

Secret Garden

Any nature inspired theme is timeless. Whether it’s 1940 or 2017, you can always pull off a garden theme! Deep greens accent a classic ivory palette and dark wood embellishments elevate the theme. We can envision long, wooden rectangle tables with green garland down the middle, hundreds of candles and glass orbs filled with ivory rose petals hanging from the ceiling at different lengths. Escort cards are attached to silver keys wrapped in petal bows.


This color scheme is my top choice for this year. Blush will be trending for many years in my opinion and pairing this color with taupe, a darker color like black and then a pop of glitter for fun just creates a sophisticated “Sex in the City” style that I just love.


I’m loving the blues this year as well. Bringing in all shades of blue is creating a dream for creativity. Adding a soft touch of a winter white or even soft grey will soften the color slighting but the possibilities are endless with this color palette for décor all the way to a Geode cake which will be trending for 2017.


The outdoor ethereal look is still going to be trending and once again, you can always add your pop of color to bring out the green and silver tones. Keeping neautral pallets always give you the opportunity for your special touches. Just make the wedding about the two of you and your character.


Purple is quickly becoming a popular colour choice, and we couldn’t agree more. If you aren’t a lover of pink but are still looking for a feminine, romantic colour then this is the perfect colour choice for you. Purple, various shades, and Lime green are a fabulous color combination. Purple is also a great colour if you are looking to ombre your bridesmaid’s dresses.

Pink (or Blush) & Gold

Pink (or Blush) & gold is still a big wedding trend for couples who like romantic glamor or that bride who adores absolutely adores the colour pink. The pink is pretty and soft and the gold adds that touch of elegance and, of course, bling! The use of a bold pink or fuchsia adds some ‘pop’ and some brilliant contrast.


Navy is also a popular choice with our couples. Paired with a lighter blue and a deep yellow or gold is a great combination. If yellow or gold isn’t your thing, Navy and lighter shades of blue also pair well with cream or pale pink and grey.

Classic Elegance

This is by far our favorite and most popular color combination this summer. We just love the elements of Ivory, Blush, and Gold together. We know that glitter and sparkle aren’t actual color, however those of you that know us well are very aware that we just love to add in a little sparkle to this palette as it just elevates the decor to the next level

Rustic Chic

A classic palette and style with a variety of ways to elevate this to make it different and unique. Whether its ranging from the more natural state of burlap and lace to adding elegance with blush, fresh greenery, and diamonds or chandeliers…did we mention we love bling!!

Pastels & Neutrals

Mixing colors in a palette has been an ongoing trend that we absolutely love. We find with colors, especially bridesmaids dresses that our brides are moving away from sticking to one color or style, and are now mixing colors that blend nicely together.

Some of our favorite blends we are seeing are Taupe, Blush, Lilac, and Light or Dusty Blues. Not only do these look beautiful on the bridesmaids, but you can also elegantly add them to your decor by choosing a neutral palette to start then adding your color accents with fresh flowers, greenery, linens, menus, and favors.

Pink & Blue

As 2016 Wedding Season has come to a close, we are reflecting on what the biggest trends were and what 2017 will bring! There seems to be a colour trend for every taste. Bright pinks and blues are trending with a vibrant colour palate!

Peach and Navy

Navy is a big colour in 2016/2017. Use peach or blush to pair with this classic colour as your neutral. This colour combination brings class, sophistication and elegance to a modern colour scheme!


Metallic colours are still one of the top choices for brides who want to keep an overall neutral theme, with just a pop of elegance. Metallics are also an easy colour to incorporate throughout your decor. Menus, invitations, brides jewelry and centrepieces can all incorporate the same metallic hue.

If you need help choosing your colours and schemes – talk to one of our Event Core Wedding Planners! They can help you from start to finish, planning your big day!

Click here see a list of our Wedding Planners and all our members that can assist with your Wedding details! Or email us at info@event-core.ca if you can’t find what you are looking for, we can point you in the right direction!