A photo booth is a great addition to any wedding reception. With instant prints and the ability to get the digital copy to your guests right away, your guests to have great time AND walk away with a picture that proves it. There are a few different ways having a photo booth at your wedding reception is more than just a laugh for your guests. You can leverage your photo booth for so much more. Here’s how:

One >> Your photo booth can double as a guestbook.

Since the booth is already printing photos of your guests, you might as well turn those prints into a guestbook. Flash Co. offers a guestbook option for wedding clients. We bring a beautiful linen bound guestbook, adhesives and writing materials. Guests hop in the booth, grab their print, affix it to the book and leave you a message. When you are looking back on your wedding memories, you can flip through your guestbook, see photos of your guests and read the heartfelt messages everyone left for you. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Two >> A photo booth picture is a great momento from your wedding.

How many times have you ended up leaving your wedding favour at the wedding? Or tossing it in the trash as soon as you get home? Wedding favours can be hit or miss. When you book a photo booth, your wedding favours are built into the service. Your guests can take home a portrait of themselves with their date, family members or friends. Often times those photos will be displayed at home on their fridge for years. This is a great momento from your wedding. They’ll remember how much fun they had every time they see it.

Three >> Kids love photo booths.

If you’re having little ones at your wedding, a photo booth is the PERFECT baby sitter. Kids ages 5 and up really love engaging with the booth. They are often the most creative and make the funniest use of the props. Most of all, they absolutely love seeing their photo and it keeps them busy all night long. The parents who are bringing their kids to your wedding reception will thank you.

Four >> More Entertainment for your guests.

Have you ever been to a wedding and half the guests sit at their tables all night long? Some guests just don’t love dancing. A photo booth gives guests with two left feet something else to do. With an open air photo booth, guests can see other people having a blast in the booth. It’s hard not to join in. Plus, who doesn’t want a photo of Grandma in the booth?

Five >> Make use of cocktail hour & give your guests instant portraits.

Ask your photo booth company if they can set up for your cocktail hour. Your guests might not feel like breaking out the props and getting silly that early, but they will want a portrait. Everyone is dressed up and looking their best at your wedding. Give them the opportunity to get a portrait in the photo booth. Flash Co. offers a cocktail hour portrait station for this purpose. It also gives you the opportunity to hop in the booth and get photos of you with your guests. That’s not always something your wedding photographer makes sure to do.

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